Week 4 Reflection

I have LOVED exploring the world of VR this week.

I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Google Cardboard–I went for a mid-priced one at 11.99.

I know the next piece of exercise equipment I buy will be something like a VIRzoom bike/headset so that I can exercise by riding a flying unicorn.

I took an “aerial tour” of the Kremlin and Red Square in Moscow courtesy of AirPano as my parents were visiting in person.

VR movies will be the 3D of the future, we’ll don headsets and be surrounded by action. It’s like the magic pictures in the Harry Potter series come true.

While it’s all very exciting and intriguing, I don’t see a great use for VR in the classes I currently teach–mostly software applications, but I’m thinking simulations and field trips in future classes. Virtual interviewers, for Job Search Strategies, but I’m not sure about a VR Excel spreadsheet.

As a parent I see tons of opportunities. I’ll search 360 degree videos first when talking with my kids about a new places and concepts. I am struggling a bit with the what VR will look like in future classrooms and what it might mean for brain development.

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