Reflection Dream Big

– a reflection- about what you may have learned, how your thoughts may have changed, and the way that you impacted the learning of others in the course.

**Both of these postings will be shared on Twitter on the tag #gamified. Grading will occur in Blackboard Grades.

Reviewing how I talk about learning in my classes, I focus process over product, but it seems to take a long time for students to get onboard. The majority would rather have explicit directions on HOW to do something, so adding in the game elements to help them focus on getting it done are great.

Next week I need to give a stand-alone 30 minute presentation on time management. I focused on making it game based. I think I’ll add in a few badges along the way as I’ve been experimenting with those. I think I’ll play around with a simple leaderboard, too (team names on a white board), to up the competition between teams.

Since my typical teaching day doesn’t have periods where I repeat lessons this time management lesson I’ll have the opportunity to work with four different groups and tweak as I go.


Hi Sara,
I think the transition to the growth mindset/purpose driven learning in education is huge. You’re right we need to allow room for students (and teachers!) to make mistakes and learn to fail.

Hi Genevieve,
I really enjoyed your post. As a teacher and as a parent I can appreciate how we use language to talk to parents helps to frame the opportunity to change in a positive light, especially for parents who may have had their own negative school experiences.

Hi Anthony,
Thanks for sharing the story from your classroom. I like the way you took two of Matera’s words and focused on them. It makes Matera’s intent more achievable. I try to not set up “right” and “wrong” scenarios in my classroom but at the end of the day there is a rubric and points to be assigned because the bottom line is a grade.

I’m going to try to focus on Matera’s words of resilience and curiosity for the next week and see where that takes me.



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