Gamification Rough Draft Week 10

Please keep your post between 350-550 words. We just want an outline of your game and some of its best attributes as you are thinking now.


A version of Monopoly will guide the students through the coursework as they learn about the modern world of computing and learn skills in Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

The course is Computer Concepts in Business Applications. I’ll develop a story (which is in flux!) that has students moving through a world in the future. They need to collect game pieces for some reason yet to be identified.

There are 8 sets of cards for the board above. Each property/card would have 2 tasks to be completed to earn title to the card/property. Two sets of cards have tasks relating to one of the 4 programs.

In my initial idea was that students could collect the cards in any order. Which would keep the game from getting too complicated from a user perspective.

I’d like to incorporate a surprise once a week: awarding  a lucky student a “Get out of jail free” card which could be cashed in for one assignment. I could easily track this in the gradebook. Every student would get one by the end of the semester. I could even choose the week students would receive the award ahead of time.


  • How to hold students accountable for completing a certain number of tasks each week.There is a way to set up Blackboard so that students move through material sequentially and only after they have completed certain tasks, but it’s not a feature I’ve used and it doesn’t allow for the randomness I’m proposing. I’d likely have to set up paths.
  • There is potential for cheating, students could split up coursework pretty easily.
  • Grading would be more difficult as students would not be completing the same assignments each week. I could incorporate some self-grading with rubrics.
  • Coordinating discussion boards, which often relate to the program students are working on–I could make the discussion boards asynchronous.
  • “Monopoly”, the idea of the game, and all its “-opoly” variations are copyrighted. To set a good example for students I’d need to do quite a bit of tweaking.


  • Use the Monopoly formula only for a few weeks of the course. Get ’em in and get ’em hooked. Most students enjoy the hands-on portion of the course using the different programs.
  • Limit (or eliminate) choice.
  • Use the Monopoly board only for the discussion boards.
  • Use VoiceThread (a more engaging way to have asynchronous discussions).

Thoughts & comments?





One thought on “Gamification Rough Draft Week 10

  1. I haven’t really thought about patterning an existing game to the gamification of a class. It’s a good idea. The “rules” are sort of built in and you just have to work on the application to how your class “plays.” I think choice is very valuable in games. Otherwise, if you limit them, you limit game play, and the possibilities of individual pathways to learning. Since gamification is trending in education, it will be difficult to make it sustainable unless it is engaging. I have been really researching gamification and there are business people trying it and it is failing cause they are not incorporating key game mechanics. It’s hard to develop a great “game” and have people enjoy it. We are definitely being challenged!

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