Week 11 Reflection

This week I’ve been thinking about how to gamify a Thanksgiving walk more than the gamification of my course. For my course I feel the need to step back a bit and figure out which parts are essential and which I have the time to tackle.

My previous walk was well received. No complaints, which was my goal. I had my 9 year old daughter a little freaked out because I said that the Orcs who were chasing us were all driving white pickups and there were white pickups EVERYWHERE on our 2o minute drive to the hiking spot. She thought I had lots of accomplices. Below, climbing trees to escape the Orcs.


On this upcoming Thursday, a few of my under 15-year-old friends and I will be running from giant mutated turkeys.

Challenges will be a bit more complicated involving some STEM-ish activities

  • Catapult  (make a weapon) shoot spruce cones at the giant turkeys. We can do this several times on the walk.
    • popsicle sticks
    • rubberbands
  • Use found materials to hide paper turkeys as decoys to distract the giant turkeys.
    • paper turkey
  • Make a boat that floats as another decoy attempt.
    • paper (recycled)
    • pennies
    • tin foil
  • Make butter. Turkeys happen to be terrified of butter. “Butterball” is what turkeys call the boogie man. It will be our weapon of last resort and we’ll eat it at dinner, too.
    • jar
    • clabbered cream
    • salt
  • Bottle-flipping and hula hooping are both de rigueur in my house this week, so I’ll incorporate those as challenges, too. I think the hula hoops will create a forcefield. and the bottles will be weapons (hit the turkey on the nose, or something).

I know this walk will go well, I already have buy in. Here’s hoping the weather holds.


Hi Gerald,
I like your plan, it sounds great. I think it’s really important that we begin with what we’re comfortable (or maybe just slightly uncomfortable) with so that what we are doing will be sustainable. You started with language, which is really the foundation. Thanks for the resources you shared.

Hi Theresa,
Thanks for posting the resources. I’m going to check out Quizizz. That would work better for me than Kahoot, since my classes are asynchronous. I like that the quiz can be assigned as homework.

I was intrigued by Aurasma, too, it has a high cool factor. But I’m not interested in working with it right now because it’s glitchy and inconsistent.

An Alaska unit would bet rich with possibilities! For example (depending on your subject), students could choose a famous Alaskan to be their avatar and find out some information about that person to share. You could also do something with the Iditarod race such as students are racing and they have to meet challenges along the route. The challenges can be your activities or assessments. If students are moving too fast, you can create mandatory stops or have a blizzard to slow them down. 🙂 I love brainstorming ideas!

Fantastic, Sarah! I bet you’ll get a lot of buy in! It would be interesting to take some sort of a poll before you begin your gamified unit to measure engagement, and then again after playing the game. I’ve been looking for some sort of quantifiable evidence for a gamified classroom for students especially at the high school level. Your students are lucky to have you!


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