Gamification Plan CIS A110

Student Learning Objectives

  • Identifying, define, and describe major computer system hardware components, input and output devices.
  • Identify, define and describe major networking, telecommunications, and data communications technologies.
  • Identify, define, and describe operating systems software and applications software, and provide examples of different programming languages.
  • Use prominent operating system software to create, save, move, copy, delete and rename folders and files.
  • Use prominent spreadsheet application software to build and format basic business application spreadsheets, perform “what-if” analysis on data, create and modify charts, utilize functions and formulas, sort and filter data, plan and create macros and generate pivot tables.
  • Use prominent database application software to create a new database; enter, and edit data using appropriate data types and field properties; create and modify tables, forms, reports, queries, calculated controls and command buttons.
  • Use prominent word processing application software to create and edit documents, apply formatting, work with graphics, modify page layouts, create a table of contents, apply footnotes, and create, edit and format tables.
  • Use prominent presentation application software to create and view presentation files, insert and modify text and graphics on slides, apply and change presentation designs and slide layouts, add animation effects, and utilize various printing options for presentation material.


I will guide the students through the coursework as they learn about the modern world of computing and learn skills in Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. The purpose it to inject more fun and interaction in an online required course.

Organization, risk oriented, problem solving

Each side of the board contains tasks/challenges/assignments to be completed during 3 weeks of the class and pertain to one of the programs to be learned.

Students will collect the “Property” cards by successfully completing tasks. Other spaces will pertain to discussion boards.

Students can complete side quests–other projects that relate to the unit of study. Side quests could gain students XP or special items (like a get out of jail free card or a free property card).

XP will be separate from grades. A leaderboard will be used (see below)

Collecting all the properties/completing the tasks in a given unit will earn XP.

Class badges can be earned for:

  • all students completing the discussion board on time in a given week
  • all students completing a given assignment

Students have a copy of the game board, which will be their task list for the course. It might be possible to have students create this in Word, or use Word to track their movement through the game.

Each task/assignment will be presented in Blackboard as a property card.

Blank Property Card Sample

Engaging and Motivating

Students can choose their own game pieces

Addressing Player Types

Leaderboards /Students select an image of a game piece for themselves, Leaderboard will be by game piece and so will be somewhat anonymous.

Each student will “win” a chance to moderate the discussion board during the semester. Students who complete their work correctly and first get to be moderators of the discussion board and pick the discussion question for the week.

Choices provided: students can choose from a selection of assignments.
Surprises/hidden items: “Get out of jail free” (Matera calls these ‘life jackets’) which could be cashed in for one assignment.

Conquerors (competition)
Player vs player competition provided via Kahoots


Microsoft Programs
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Access

Titles for students leveling up or badges achieved when all properties are collected:

  • Word Novice/Word Wizard
  • PowerPoint Postulant/PowerPoint Sorcerer
  • Excel Apprentice/Excel Mage
  • Access Initiate/Access Maestro

Skill Scaffolding and Mastery

Tasks increase in difficulty as student move through the challenges. Students who are more proficient can attempt the more difficult tasks first.

Encouragement and Feedback

Feedback occurs for every assignment. Students have the option to fix assignments for increased points—perhaps redoing assignments also leads to experience points? Feedback is not immediate, but occurs within 1 week. Students have one week to resubmit a corrected assignment. Guidance in the form of a video or written instructions on how to fix the assignment is provided.

  • Lifejackets for players who fall behind: Extra time, extra quests
  • Badges provided for exceptional work.

Students can have/earn the option to choose a different